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Solutions for Success

Bankrupt Debt Services (BDS) was established to provide organizations with a plan to mitigate losses on bankrupt accounts. BDS has successfully administered a business model and evaluation process that has allowed us to effectively liquidate bankrupt portfolios by identifying and monetizing these accounts and offering to pay your organization premium pricing for them. Our services provide a portal to increase your revenues and provide residual income on your bankrupt inventory.


Our Goal is Your Success

Our clients are our #1 priority at Bankrupt Debt Services (BDS) and we take great pride in developing and maintaining lasting business relationships that are mutually beneficial. Our friendly, polite staff will guide you through the entire process of how to locate and liquidate your bankrupt accounts while offering best practice guidelines to help increase optimal revenue for your organization. Our hands-on approach to customer service, quality results, and competitive pricing has allowed us to leverage the highest standard of quality in the debt buying industry


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