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Bankrupt Debt Services offers your organization a way to locate and liquidate your bankrupt and inventory. Our "scrubbing" service allows creditors to upload their accounts into our system to identify these assets on a monthly basis. After accounts are identified, we make an offer to purchase them.

How our bankrupt process works:



  • An NDA is signed and countersigned.

  • We will review your file(s) via our encrypted FTP server where the accounts are scrubbed for free in order to identify all bankrupt “hits.” 

  • You will receive the results of the eligible accounts with a negotiable dollar amount that we will pay you

  • A Purchase Sales Agreement (PSA) is executed for the eligible bankrupt accounts that we will buy

  • A forward flow can be set up to scrub your inventory and/or new files every 30 days.


Based on internal research, we have found that we offer the most dollars in the industry on eligible bankrupt accounts. We would like to add value to your organization by offering this service to you and proactively increase your residual revenues.

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